Glen Campbell

Just a few days ago a friend posted an article on my FB page, this article dealt with the latest (and most likely the last) song to recorded by another friend, Glen Campbell. “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”. The song deals with his battle with the destructive effects and affects of the disease, he and his family is now burdened with, Alzheimer’s. I cannot speak to this disease (it seems much larger than just a disease) as I am not informed enough on its deadly path, this must be left to someone wiser than I on such matters. However, I can speak of the man I came to know and am happy to have the honor to able call him my friend.

I met Glen first by meeting his daughter Debby, she came into my restaurant in Branson toGlenCampbell1 get a meal to take to her dad at Andy Williams, Moon River theater  where Glen and Debby were headlining for the next six weeks.  The meal was good enough and soon Glen, Debby and the band members had made Chef Ks Gourmet Grille the place to come for dinner before the show and afterward as well. Debby is a beautiful (inside and out) person with a very loving and protective gift which she makes great use of when it comes to those for whom cares about deeply, none greater than that of her father. I have seen the pride she has in him, I have seen her weep for him, raise up with righteous anger when others have spoken against him, but mostly I have only witnessed the love she has for her father. Where did she learn this, well, if you met Glen then you would quickly see how Debby became who she is. She is a talented songstress who gave much of her career to stand side by side with her father in love, support and strength, not easily done with icon of country music. A woman given over to hospitality, caring and concerned with those with whom she comes in contact with as evident in her other career as an airline flight attendant.  See what I am talking about here:

After Debby had reviewed the restaurant and we met her standards she brought her father and the other band members in for dinner of one of Glens favorites, a perfectly cooked New York Strip steak.  I cannot count how many of those steaks I have cooked for him over the years, every time he acted as if it were his first.  Before he sat however, he went to every table in the dining room, greeted each guest and gave them an encouraging word regarding the restaurant, some on service, others on food others on Dianna and I, this before he had even dined himself. Each and every time he came to the restaurant, which was nearly daily, he would do the same thing, no finer host could any restaurant hope for, if Glen recommended a entree, dessert or beverage to a guest you could be sure that is what they ordered.  Only after he had visited each table would sit and have his meal, usually that steak.

Glen originally comes from a small town 250 miles away from Branson called Delight. Located just 65 miles from Texarkana along the Interstate 30, the population of Delight is slightly over 250 people and a good percentage of those are Campbells. Every so often a large contingent of Glens close and distant relatives would show up in Branson for Glens shows, they would eventually come to the restaurant and it became a family reunion of sorts, but the music they would play and sing was incredible and last for hours.  The songs they all knew and seemed love best were the old time gospel ones, at times it seemed like heaven was their backup choir. No one took center stage they just enjoyed each other’s gift. Sure, they came to see Glen and Debby preform but once the show was over they were just “kin” and everyone was there to have a good time.

Glen and I created an entire line of sauces, salad dressings and seasonings (30 or more) which he named Glen Campbell’s Sauce Deights after his home town, however, they were never bottled or sold to the public (some royalty snafu with lawyers) they remain here in my recipe bank but be assured they are “Deight”ful.

I know how the media have portrayed Glen, but that was never the man I knew and know.  He has a great compassion for others and truly feels what others go through. When my grandson Joel was born and came out of the hospital, his mother brought him to see at the restaurant. We had just finished catering a large breakfast and were about to break down the buffet when she walked in with Joel, we stopped and had coffee. Soon thereafter Glen walked in, he took Joel in his arms, sat in a corner rocking him gentling singing “Jesus Loves you” to him while we just watched as we ate our breakfast. Not until we were through did Glen have breakfast himself. Time and time again would we see Glen show himself to be the southern gentleman he truly is.  I have had the honor of catering, special dinners in his home where he would show his gold records, pictures of himself and the famous, but he only teared up when it came to showing the pictures of his family. The highest honor comes from those whom you touch daily, when you have loved them regardless of themselves.

Many hours Glen and I would sit and talk about what we loved the most, not his music or my food, we always talked about Jesus. Each of us having had life circumstances that only Jesus could carry us through, so each of having an understanding that of what it meant to be touched by His hand. A believer of Messianic Judaism, which It blends evangelical Christian theology with fundamentals of religious Jewish practice and terminology.  Holding both Hebrew scriptures and the New Testaments as sacred texts, Salvation in Messianic Judaism is achieved only through acceptance of Jesus as one’s Savior, so little else holds much sway, too, too much is made in doctrinal difference held by most Christian sects.  Glen spoke his beliefs with conviction persuadingly, yet never was there an argument.  A conviction in belief requires no argument, one cannot argue with right. Glen believes in Christ and the work of the Cross, he holds a love for Jesus that stands all scrutiny, a belief that is personally his to own and that he does. The apostles were Jews, the apostles were Christians, their writing are for everyone regardless of label, this I saw in Glen. Of all the recording Glen has given us the recording that defines him to me very most  (it will be different for others) has to be the his recording of “He”

Every Country singer has to cut some gospel recordings, some understand that which they sing, others do not thinking it is just another song.  When one sings of Jesus, The Blood and God, it becomes quickly identified as to whether or not the sustaining life of Christ is within, for the many may sing with feeling but only those who Know can sing with the Spirit. Listen any of Glens gospel recordings and you will experience the Spirit with which he sings. Visit his web site to obtain any of his music,

Life is a Carousel as Oscar Hammerstein and  Richard Rodgers once wrote, many of us walk in circles never seemingly going anywhere, but once we take the hand of those around us and show that which we are made of, Love, Faith, and Forgiveness we come to realize that we are not alone in our walk. Glen recorded the Oscar winning song from Carousel so we can dedicate it back to him and let him know he never walks alone.

Glen Campbell’s New York Strip Steak

6-10 oz                  6-300 gr                New York strip loin steaks

1 tsp                      5 ml                       dried garlic granules

2 tsp                      10 ml                     black pepper

½ tsp                     3 ml                       each of oregano leaves, thyme leaves, crushed rosemary, basil leaves,                                                                                       onion powder, Hickory smoked salt, Kosher salt001(4)

Trim the steaks of fat and remove the strip of grizzle along the edge to prevent curling while cooking.

Blend the seasonings together and rub into steak.  Leave steaks for 30 minutes.

Cook steaks for half the recommended time, rotating once at 45-degree angle, then flip and finish cooking. To test for doneness, do not cut into steaks, because the juices will escape, use an instant-read meat thermometer. Cook to 145°F (63°C) for medium-rare and 160°F (71°C) for medium, or about 5 minutes per side per inch (2.5 cm) of thickness. When done, let steak rest before cutting so juices retract and stay in the steak.



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5 responses to “Glen Campbell

  1. Awesome article! I really loved the way you told the story about Glen and Debby coming into to your restaurant and they way he treated your guests.

    Nice of you also to post the steak recipe. Sounds great!!

  2. Becky holman

    You described here the Glen Campbell that I have known and loved for 45 years. what more can I say?

  3. What a beautiful telling of your friendship with the man as you knew Glen. It was very honoring of him and his life, his faith in the God he served and will still serve as people listen to his gospel recordings. I know of no finer tribute… thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us who love him, too.

  4. Nina

    Enjoyed reading so much, it is how I feel about this man. He always made us feel like family. The last time we saw him was at the Hard Rock in Tulsa. He was so alert, remembering us from years past.

  5. Jenny Wright

    You have described the Glen I knew – caring and loving and having time for other people. He made my life complete and this is the way I will always remember him.

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