I have many and mixed feelings today, but I couldn’t let it pass without some comment, so i give this if you like the poem, please share it:

9-11 The Path To Make America Great Again

A day of infamy, a day of tears,
No other day like this, not in a thousand years,
A day of terror, a day of great pain,
The day America stood, to become great again.
Thousands have died, a country that mourns,
At the hand of hate, for the King, who wore thorns,
Yet the people did rise, for the country, they could not deign,
For it is great, yes, greater again.
The heart of America, for a short time would ache,
By the sword of America, the enemies back they would break,
The foe did hope, Americas strength they could drain,
But America showed, her greatness again.
Many have hurt, even more have cried,
America has crushed, those who have lied,
The tears they have cried are love’s great stain,
Covering a country on the path to greatness again.
Loss always comes, with an immense cost,
But over the country, “mission accomplished”, we see embossed,
Two towers did fall, like fire upon the cane,
Out of the ashes, America did shine, in greatness again.
Over the years, the memory is sore,
But excitement is there, for the goodness in store.
The people of this great country, untangle the skein,
In building America into greatness again.
They come from the world over, to America, to make her their home,
In freedom they live, in her justice they roam,
She welcomes with caution, this, she makes plain,
It is the love of her that, makes America great again.
America is her people, a country where the hero lives next door,
They stand for each other, they are freedom’s best corps,
Every hero knows, through strife and through sprain,
America will rise, they will take her into greatness again.
There has never been a greater country, nor shall there ever be,
The nine eleven attack showed the glory of the land of the free,
Her people are her glory which all see in her domain,
In strength, in wonder, they make America great again.
Ron Kalenuik
September 11, 2018


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