Theocratic Warfare, The Hurt, The Healing

According to Watchtower statistics over 275,000 people “faded” from the religion or were disfellowshipped, this effect would have had over a million people affected by the disparaging forces found in this religion of destruction, and that’s just last year, in the five years previous, those faded or disfellowshipped is well over 1 million, affecting or perhaps “infecting” untold millions with a spirit of destruction. A simple web search will reveal to any the wickedness of this, the pile of broken hearts left in the wake of their cultish lifestyle demands will be hard to answer for when the “so-called” elders come face to face with the real Jehovah at their judgement, while denying the Holy Spirit they are commanded by Him to take good care of the people they have watch over. Watching over them is not to place unbearable harsh rules and regulations upon them. Acts 20:28 “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God,[a] which he bought with his own blood.” New International Version (NIV)

Forgotten to the Theocratic warrior leader is the act of pointing peoples lives to Christ, and away from themselves, they desire that their “organization” grows and not that Christ increases, their way is not Christs way, it is He who must increase, John the Bapitist should be our example, John 3:28-30 “Ye yourselves bear me witness, that I said, I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him. 29 He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled. 30 He must increase, but I must decrease.King James Version (KJV) Destroying people that they fade into darkness is by no means an act of love or increasing the life of Christ in another. John invited people to meet with Christ, to follow after Him, John cared little for his status, he sought to raise Christ above all others, every “good” elder will give the same invitation to all who may listen, come to Christ, he is the one who has your best interest at heart.  The Theocratic warrior advances “the organization” not Christ, not an example of John, nor, one of Christ, He too always pointed to the Father, for in Him is the love of God completed.

Leaders are to watch over the heart of those who are in their charge, protecting that heart from works of destruction not being the cause of that heart breaking. The heat is the residence of all things pertaining to life, break it, then life will not flow to God and then back as it should. A leader operates at the highest level of forgiveness so that the heart remains intact. The destruction of millions of lives per year is an example of a group incapable of walking in forgiveness. The three guiding principals of every Christian (and especially the leaders) are Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness, with these the wellsprings of life do flow. Proverbs 4:23 “Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.” Amplified Bible (AMP) You must find what you believe, not allow others to give you “your” beliefs and doctrine, what you believe will keep you, test you, help you, save you, heal you, another’s faith and beliefs will not. Your heart will tell you that it is right, that is why we stand guard over our hearts, placing within only that which will lead us from faith to faith. 1 Timothy 4:16 “Be ·careful [conscientious] ·in your life [L about yourself] and in your teaching. If you ·continue to live and teach rightly [L persevere in these things], you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.” Expanded Bible (EXB) Your heart is secure only in Chrtist, you must never lease it out to some religion who cares little for you or what may happen to you. If you do not follow their rules, they will literally sacrifice you to the demons of destruction, destroy your relationship with family, friends and all you may have come to love and know, somehow this is supposed to draw you closer to God? What a ridiculous notion, only a relationship with a Loving, Forgiving, Accepting God can keep you in faith, so that you can guard your heart. Philippians 4:7 “And God’s peace, which ·is so great we cannot understand it [transcends/surpasses all comprehension], will ·keep [guard] your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Expanded Bible (EXB)

So a mistake is made, a sin is committed, a question is asked, that is enough for some earthly ruler king to destroy a life, sinful mean judging the sinner, forgiveness is not forthcoming, harsh judgement is pronounced and a heart is broken. What then? We must eliminate the expectation of others, others expect you to live according to what their standards and beliefs are, this is impossible, your faith and belief, should be your expectation, what does Christ expect from you, find that out and then live accordingly. Your heart was broken by not living to others expectations, why would any want to do all over again, the result will only be the same, or, worse. Don’t worry about the future or obsess over the past, scripture tells us “Now faith is” so live in Christ, live in the now, you cannot change the future, the past is over, do not allow either to control your life now.

Luke 4:18-19;18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

It is the brokenhearted that are the ones who give in and lose in life (which is supposed to be very victorious.) There are many ways that one may become the brokenhearted, such as strife, rejection, sin, abandonment, betrayal, calamity and others. Depression moves in and our hearts cry, without Christ the enemy sees, and heaps on more, oppressing the heart even more, straining to breaking.

Isaiah 38:14-19 Like a crane or a swallow, so did I chatter: I did mourn as a dove: mine eyes fail with looking upward: O LORD, I am oppressed; undertake for me. 15 What shall I say? he hath both spoken unto me, and himself hath done it: I shall go softly all my years in the bitterness of my soul. 16 O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these things is the life of my spirit: so wilt thou recover me, and make me to live. 17 Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption: for thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back. 18 For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth. 19 The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth.

OPPRESSION: Greek translation: to burden or keep in subjugation by harsh and (or) unjust use of force or authority; tyrannize. To lie heavy upon physically or mentally; weighted down, depress, dispute. To crush or trample, overwhelm, abuse.

Hebrew translation: to distress, affliction, crush, force, hold fast, affliction, unjust gain, cruelty, extortion, something gotten through deceit, slaughter, to drive, tax or tyrannize. To tax is to; burden, encumber, overload, overwork, strain and tire

Oppressor: one who drives for taxes or a taskmaster.

2 Timothy 2:22-2622 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 23 But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes. 24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, 25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Satan as the oppressor causes his captives to tire, to drain, exhaust, wear down, exasperate, irk and cause to become weary. Although Satan is the Oppressor, he makes use of willing vessels dubbed into doing his will, they carry out his evil plan under the guise of doing God’s will, even though God has nothing to do with the plan.

Oppression has always been taught as an attack on the mind. Oppression first’s place of attack however is not the mind, but first, it is on the heart. Oppression will find its way into the mind and thought life of its victim, but it does not begin there. Oppression first and foremost attack is the heart of man. If oppression can burden down the heart, then the person will not be capable of rational decision making. To understand this principle, we need to examine the scriptures and view them from what they say, not what we think they say. Let’s first look at the word heart, it appears some 830 times in 762 verses as compared to the word mind which appears 95 times in 93 verses. It’s generally understood as the “center of man,” not just a circulatory muscle. Hebrews 4:12. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

In the New Testament the Greek word for heart is “kardia” (kar- dee’-ah) which means the thoughts and feelings. The Hebrew word is “lab”, and also carries the meaning of the feelings, the will, and even the intellect. It is known as the conscious of man. The heart of man is best defined as the center of man.

Where man’s soul and spirit border, is impossible to define, however, the Word says that it can divide the soul and the spirit. Therefore, it is important for you to be in the Word, since the heart (not the mind) is the principal place of the thoughts, feeling, will and intellect then we must put a guard around it to prevent the enemy from oppressing it. Proverbs 4:20-23: My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. 21 Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. 22 For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. 23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

So then, oppression will put unjust force upon a person, it will burden down its victim, oppression will tyrannize its victim until they become weak in the heart. When they do, oppression will lay heavily on its victim in order to crush, trample and overwhelm the victim and lead that one in self abuse as in the case of all who are dependent on anything other than God Himself. This is when the spirit of possession moves in.

There can be no doubt, that both oppression and possession are spirits that make use of all other spirits of Satan, performing their evil work. There can also be no doubt that both work within a person, as much as they do without. Most ministers teach that oppression comes against the person from the outside, yet if it is to attack the heart then it must do its work from the inside as well. It does most of its damage once it is within the person.

The spirit of oppression works very much in the following pattern. First the oppressive spirit, working in conjunction with other spirits causes some type of hurt to take place in their victim’s life. This is usually caused through a person giving the spirits license to perform through careless speaking, words that allow the enemy to act. Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” King James Version. Words must fulfill their mission, it is why we guard what we say. If we do not watch over our words we allow every evil work to come upon us, if it so chooses, it will certainly attempt to do so, making use of every willing person or instrument. James 3:1-16 “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. 2 For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. 3 Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body. 4 Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth. 5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! 6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.7 For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind: 8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.9 Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. 10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.11 Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? 12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? Either a vine, figs? So can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh. 13 Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.14 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” King James Version

Once the hurt is established within the heart, the victim begins to repress the feelings of that hurt instead of dealing with it when it takes place. This repression is in fact the next spirit to move in. It is a lesser spirit performing its job. Repression cause’s a small crack to appear in the victims heart through which,   other spirits may enter.

The third spirit working with oppression and repression is, regression. Regression is; a medical term meaning “the subsidence of a disease.” The victim slowly gives way to the disease that they are experiencing, first in the heart, then in the mind and finally in the body. Through this regression the crack in the heart is now much larger. If the victim will return to the Word, to the things of God, healing  usually is quite easily come by at this stage. If they do not act on the things of God, another harsher spirit is usually called into action, forming a stronghold even harsher. Forcing the crack in the heart wider yet.

The  next spirit stronghold is; suppression, the term means; “the deliberate exclusion from the consciousness of any action, emotion, or desire.” So then, this spirit drives the person to just annul any  thought of the hurt, but to annul something, is not to heal it, or, even forget it, it is to vacate or make empty, that is exactly what this suppression spirit wants. For if it can make a vacant place in the heart,  then all other spirits can move in. Matthew 12:45: Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation. 

Often the next spirit in line, after oppression, is bitterness. Once suppression has made a vacant place bitterness moves right in. Through bitterness, a poison comes into the person’s life, which all who come in contact with will choke at, except the bitter person themselves. Acts 8:20-24:20 “But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. 21 Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. 22 Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. 23 For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity. 24 Then answered Simon, and said, Pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me.” King James Varsion. “The gall of bitterness” this means poison in your temperament which is sharp and cutting. c\f Ephesians 4:31 “Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:” Hebrews 12:15 “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;” King James Version

The bitter person becomes unwilling to be close to any, using a sharp and cutting tongue to be sure no one and nothing ever gets close to them again. The crack in the heart is now weakening to the point where the strain has the person almost ready to break and become one of  the brokenhearted.

Now the next spirit to come on the scene is called, depression.

The depressed person becomes a lonely person,  they seek only the company of themselves and their depression, and yes, they do become very possessive of their own ugly spirit of depression. This spirit keeps them from associating with other so that he will not be discovered. So they become reclusive,  withdrawn, making their associations with others as brief as possible not wishing discovery.

The depressed person always has themselves in mind and is easily offended when any other seek to go any other way but theirs. They concentrate totally on self. They choose not to share in others lives, feeling that others should be inputting into them, while, of course, they reject any outside input. They soon lose the values that life had for them, considering others values as worthless, not fulfilling. Their mind becomes weak, passive, they exercise the reasoning process as little as possible. In other words, they become unreasonable. Once the depressed person succumbs to depression, the victim is ready for Satan’s next onslaught, that being distress.

As the Hebrew word for oppression bears out, oppression purpose is to place the victim in a place of distress. This is; acute or extreme suffering, it is agony, worry, extreme pain, trouble and harassment. The distressed person loses quickly all hope, slips into the grip of the enemy even harder. They suffer so much inward pain that they convince themselves that no cure or help will ease them out.

This is the group of people who are most likely to commit crimes against themselves and others. Death, murder and suicide often follow after distress. As its description says this is acute or extreme suffering, the reason for the suffering being so acute is that this is the final stage before the heart breaks. We see this staging in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” English Standard Version (ESV)

Before we examine the final stage turn to Psalms 55. The distressed person is a complainer and his complaining is baseless. He complains of:

Psalm 55:1-23

To the chief Musician on Neginoth, Maschil, A Psalm of David.

1 Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication. 2 Attend unto me, and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise; 3 Because of the voice of the enemy, because of the oppression of the wicked: for they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me. 4 My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. 5 Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and horror hath overwhelmed me. 6 And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest. 7 Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness. Selah. 8 I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest. 9 Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues: for I have seen violence and strife in the city. 10 Day and night they go about it upon the walls thereof: mischief also and sorrow are in the midst of it. 11 Wickedness is in the midst thereof: deceit and guile depart not from her streets. 12 For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him: 13 But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. 14 We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company. 15 Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them. 16 As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. 17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. 18 He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me. 19 God shall hear, and afflict them, even he that abideth of old. Selah. Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God. 20 He hath put forth his hands against such as be at peace with him: he hath broken his covenant. 21 The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. 22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. 23 But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee. King James Version

  1. A) The voices he hears believing it to be the enemy.
  2. B) He complains of his oppression’s, but does not take any action to defeat the oppressor.
  3. C) He complains about the accusations and the accuser, but does not use the Word to defeat them.
  4. D) He complains about the anger and hatred, but it’s locked in him.
  5. E) He complains about the condition of his heart feeling helpless to change it.
  6. F) He complains about the terrors of death for his heart is breaking and he knows a broken heart will lead to death.
  7. G) He complains about horror, knowing that it is extreme fear and dread and it overwhelms him to non-action.
  8. H) The storms (trials) and strong winds (circumstances) of the enemy blow hard against him and he complains.
  9. I) He knows that others speak against him and wag their tongues in gossip because he is so pitiful. He is powerless to defeat the words, for he is in the center of violence and strife.
  10. J) Wickedness, deceit, guile, and treachery are working against him all spirits of oppression and destruction.

As distress places it’s horrible lock on its victim’s life, the final attack is about to take hold, if  left to do its evil work, as distress occurs, the crack become a tear, the tear become a break.

As one examines this, one can readily see that a person does not become possessed by Satan easily, but the fact remains, one can become possessed. This procession works, the fact that the person is a Christian or not has no bearing on Satan. He will do his utmost to take possession of the person in the heart. This is what becomes known as a brokenhearted person.

For one to become possessed by Satan, he first oppress’ the person giving way in the heart to the oppression, giving way until the heart breaks. It is now necessary for us to look at the meaning of the word possession: which is to occupy by driving out the previous tenants, and possessing their place. It also means to seize, to rob, to expel, to inherit, to ruin, cast out, consume, destroy, disinherit, to be or made poor, to come to poverty. The brokenhearted are truly a satanically ruled people. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Christ Jesus himself, look at Isaiah 61:1-3 “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; 2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; 3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified,” and compare to Luke 4:18.”The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” King James Version

It is taught that Jesus quoted Isaiah when speaking, however, he changed it slightly, that slight change makes all the difference in the world, in Isaiah the verse says “to bind up the brokenhearted,” the word bind here means to wrap firmly or compress, to hold together until healing takes place. If you break a leg you place a splint or cast around the leg to bind it up and keep the bones together. Yet even after the bone mends there is always a weak point. The break will always have a hairline crack in it, it will still show itself in a x-ray years later.

In Luke however Jesus changes the word from bind to heal, meaning; to cure or make whole. If something is whole there are no cracks or faults, the item is entire. Christ is saying “I make you entire.” The brokenhearted before my coming could at best be held together, now with my coming, I make the brokenhearted entire, whole again. Therefore the heart is whole, for the enemy has been driven out. You are delivered, whole, free. Possessed only by love.

The brokenhearted must make that love real in their lives, Christ has already healed you from your broken heart by His love and by the blood He shed for you. Your trust, your hope must be in Christ. Look to Romans 8:35-39 “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” King James Version

All these heart breaking things cannot separate us from the love that is Christ Jesus, He loves so much that our hearts will never become overwhelmed, it will never break.

Be sure of this, however, Satan is out there, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8,8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: He cannot devour any who remain in the Word. Turn to 2 Timothy 4:17, Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. In Christ Jesus we have deliverance from the mouth of the lion (Satan).” King James Version

Job 4:8-11 “Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. 9 By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed. 10 The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of the young lions, are broken. 11 The old lion perisheth for lack of prey, and the stout lion’s whelps are scattered abroad.” King James Version

Doesn’t this sum it up best,  praise God, the lion, young or old is defeated, a loins roar never hurt anyone, the devil is a toothless beast without power any longer to harm..

You with a broken heart, there is healing in the Word, there is healing in the name of Jesus, there is healing in the blood of Jesus, just come to Jesus for it.

Isaiah 53:1-5 “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? 2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. 3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. 4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” King James Version. He carried our griefs, our sorrows. In the Hebrew the word here for griefs is, “choliy”, it means; malady, anxiety, calamity and disease. Sorrow comes from the word, “makob”, it means; afflictions, pain and sorrow. Through the love that Jesus showed to us, we are healed from both grief and sorrow.

Look to the final verses in this study, Acts 10:38,  “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him. Jesus healed ALL who were oppressed by the devil.” King James Version.  You are one of the ALL.

2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, 17 comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.” English Standard Version (ESV)

Knowing that the Oppressor has been defeated, Jesus is on your side, healing all the attacks that the enemy brings, what next. Because you have victory, you now can go through it, not around it. But how, once again we use the Word as our example, 2 Corinthians 13:14 ”The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” English Standard Version (ESV) Three simple keys, just as love, acceptance and forgiveness keeps us walking in victory, defeating the enemy is complete by, living in grace, walking in love, and fellowshipping with God via the Holy Spirit.

You’ll remember our acronym for grace, God’s Riches, At Christs, Expense. As we have been extended this great grace, we must extend to others as well, yes, even those who have bruised and battered us so badly. It does not mean we allow their abuse to continue, we fight back by walking the love walk, a walk we can accomplish through that fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Paul showed us this, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;[a] 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never ends.” English Standard Version (ESV)

Some believe that love must take everything that is weaponized against us, this of course is utter nonsense and not what verse seven is instructing, it is instructing that no matter what comes up to defeat us love gives us the victory over. It is not love to remain in an abusive situation, it is love to stand against, everything Christ did, he did for and in love, yet some looked very harsh. He remained in love. Look at James he gives us some insight to the love walk. James 3:17 “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.” English Standard Version (ESV)

Perhaps while you’re healing is coming you are feeling weak and down, but don’t, for in your weakness you have the victory, you have Christs love, grace is poured out upon you and you press forward,not with a broken heart, but with a whole, healed heart.

2 Corinthians 12:9 “ But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” English Standard Version (ESV)


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