Rev. Ronald F. Wm. Kalenuik MBA

Rev. R. Kalenuik

Rev. R. Kalenuik

Rev. Ron Kalenuik also known as Chef K was the host of televisions Divine Cuisine  (which has been broadcast on 140 stations and 5 satellite networks). Divine Cuisine  is the only culinary arts themed ministry on television. Chef K uses food to give strong positive life lessons from scripture.

Rev. Ronald Kalenuik is a licensed in the province of Alberta, Canada as a minister and was Pastor of Family Freedom Faith Fellowship. He is a sought after teacher and lecturer. who has taught his messages of freedom throughout North America, West Africa and has reached the world through his culinary television ministry, Divine Cuisine.

Born again October 14, 1975, room 214 Fort Point Lodge, Jasper Alberta at 10 PM Ron left years of a hard life of being a Jehovah’s Witness. Through a simple discussion with a friend,  regarding the hell doctrine Ron discovered the real “truth” and soon was living the life that God had chosen for him. A life locked in the arms of a loving Father who’s name is Jehovah, so Ron became a true Jehovah’s witness. Leading many people to the life saving knowledge of Christ.  You can read his entire testimony of how God lead him out of death and into life here within this blog..Chef K’s testimony


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